October 19, 2018

Baby GoatsWe've been very busy. This month we had 16 puppies, 4 baby hedgehogs, 20 chicks, 1 doe and 1 buckling.

Juno kidded last Saturday. Butterscotch is very close. I have been going out to the barn every hour today. She would wait for a big snowstorm so I have to put on my zero suit everytime I go out.

I know that she is close because her udder doubled in size today and her private is very sloppy and her ligaments are very loose.

I will keep you all updated and I will definitely update my page on facebook. So please "like" my Rachyl's Goat Milk Soap page and ask your friends who might be interested in seeing baby goats too.

Have a great night and please be safe...

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