Restore Our Earth

April 13, 2021 1 Comment

Restore Our Earth

Earth Day is April 22nd this year (click here to see previous posts about Earth Day and here to read about bees). The global theme this year is Restore Our Earth.
Restore means to bring back or repair, and boy does our Earth need a little extra loving! If you’ve ventured out lately you will see in addition to the “normal” litter, countless masks and gloves! All of this extra waste is putting a further strain on our water, vegetation, animals, and human health. While one person may not be able to clean the entire planet on their own, the more people who do their share, the bigger impact we will have.
Doing your part starts with making sure you dispose of trash and recycling appropriately. While your waste management center may have their own guidelines, here’s a great resource for knowing what can be recycled and why it’s important to sort items properly! You can also upcyle (make old things repurposed), hand-me-down (sharing items), or second-hand buy  to reduce waste. Making conscious thoughts about purchasing plastic or non-recyclable items, as well as supporting sustainable businesses adds up! Shopping local also cuts down on the pollution during shipping items. There are so many ways consumers can make their voices heard!
Educating and encouraging others around you is also an important aspect of making an impact. You can learn more about Earth Day (and pass on your knowledge to others) by clicking here:
Last but not least, you can join us in giving back! This year we are donating 20% of all net proceeds* from our products to the Clean Air Task Force! We chose the CATF because our brother Noah has very severe asthma. We all need clean air to breathe but it’s even more important for our friends, family and community members who may have health challenges. You can learn more about the awesome work CATF is doing here:
Do you have some other ways we can work together to restore Earth? Comment below!

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Christy Angevine
Christy Angevine

May 10, 2021

Creating wonderful products
and being earth friendly has made me a customer for life. There are so many toxic products on the market, along with unethical treatment of animals, it is heartbreaking. However, seeing the love all Travis Family Farm animals receive, it is a moral imperative to support this enterprise of super emollient and naturally fragranced products. Today I’ll buy some lip balm💋

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