October 22, 2018

Fall is the goats’ favorite time of year! They get to lounge all day in perfect New England weather while munching on all the leaves falling. They also get the leftover apples, pumpkins and cornstalks! All of our does (female goats)are eating not just for themselves but for their precious babies growing inside.

 Fall is a very busy time of year for farmers, we must make sure we have enough feed/hay to make it through winter, make sure to have enough firewood split to keep us warm, and prepare for the brutal upcoming weather.

 This fall was especially busy here because I got married on the farm. I am the second oldest of my eight siblings but the first to get married (so it was a pretty big deal). We made sure to have a wedding that truly represented us. We raised and grew must of what our guest ate. What we didn't raise or grow, we bought from other local farmers. We only supported small local businesses for all our wedding needs; from tablecloths to desserts to decorations, we made sure to only support businesses like our own. It was an amazing day and I look forward to spending my first Christmas as a married woman! 

Jaklyn Travis Randall

 All of us here at Travis Family Farm wishing you a very 


Happy Thanksgiving!!! 


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Very thankful to have awesome neighbors that donated these organic pumpkins! The goats love them plus they are a natural dewormer and high in omegas!

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