Family Spotlight : JAKLYN!

April 08, 2021

Family Spotlight : JAKLYN!

Jaklyn, also known as Jaky, is the second child of eight siblings and the oldest of three daughters. She's married to Derek Randall and they have three children who are commonly featured on our Instagram and Facebook (if you don't yet follow us, be sure to!)

randall family photo

Since she was born, Jaklyn has loved both kids and animals but not always in that order. One of her favorite childhood Christmas gifts was the year she asked her dad for a real pony - and got one!*

Jaky has always been very responsible and a baby whisperer to both humans and animals! With numerous real and foster siblings over the years, Jaky has had no end of practice before becoming a mom herself. Chances are that when you find Jaky, she's hard at work balancing being a wife, mom and business owner. 
Jaky's passion is working behind the scenes caring for our animals. She particularly enjoys assisting and overseeing births. Check out little sister Meysha in training here. Lucky for her, it's kidding season and we have many babies being born. In addition to the animals and their care, she also handles our social media accounts, email correspondence, and oversees packing and shipping. If you are reading it, Jaky wrote it!
*Please note: we do not endorse pets as gifts. Owning and running a farm is a 24/7 commitment that we take VERY serious. Our animals are considered members of our family and we spare no resources in maintaining the highest level of individual care for them. 

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