Life has certainly been different. The outpouring of support we continue to receive after our tragedy on the farm continues and will never be forgotten and we will always be grateful to all of you.

On March 10 it will be a year that we lost over 50 of our beloved animals in a barn fire. The grief is always there, sometimes small, sometimes tidal. It was an event in our lives that none of us will forget.

Since then there have been many coincidences to help us and to reassure us that God has always been here for us. Many call these instances "God Winks" (experiences where you'd say "wow, what are the odds of that?").

One of the first ones we recall is the day after the fire when we received a package of goat collars we had ordered weeks prior. These personalized collars were made by an 11 year old girl named Lilli from Freebird Farm in Walton, Indiana. When we put in our order, we had over 15 goats, so we decided to order 5 at a time. As we took out the collars and read the names one by one - Butterscotch, Juno, Shelby, Musik, and Delilah - the room fell silent and I felt goosebumps up and down my spine. We all knew that God was assuring us that He was, is, and will be here for us. You see, these goats are the only ones that survived that day. Down to Delilah whose life was spared when she gave birth to a little doeling we named "Escape" just less then 24 hours that morning.

We have many more "God Winks" to share with you. We are hoping that no matter what higher power you believe in, that these will encourage you and that no matter what life throws your way that we are not alone.