This week we are celebrating the birthday of Brother #2: Kelub, our free spirited, long haired, music loving, guitar playing, hardworking hippy. 

Kelub joins dad and brother Mical working construction for their family business. When he's not working, he can be found spending time with his family, fiancée Leesa, daughter Ellie, and stepdaughter Ava. Kelub is closest to sister Jaklyn even when they fight like cats and dogs!

Speaking of dogs, Kelub's dog is a Chocolate Lab appropriately named Hershe. Together they have many adventures as chronicled on social media (have you followed us yet?). Kelub enjoys camping and summer activities such as swimming. 

Kelub helps out around the farm even though he no longer lives at home. While he's missed, having 2 parents, 8 siblings, and all our animals can make things crowded! Kelub is so laid back that not much phases him. 

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