Little Girls with Dreams become Women with Vision

January 25, 2022

The Gals on the Farm

There are 31.7 million small businesses in the United States and only 33.6% survive ten years from opening. Out of nearly 32 million small businesses, less than 20% are women-owned! (SBA 2017 employment firms) About 1/3 of firms with employees are family-owned and the biggest industry for family-owned businesses is Agriculture Services at 46%. (SBA October 2020)
Why are we giving you these facts? Because we are proud to be not only local and family-owned, but a woman-owned small business creating products sourced from our farm!
Behind Rachyl’s Goat Milk Soap is middle sister, Rachyl, the face of the brand. Working side by side with her is our mom, Lillian, and oldest sister, Jaklyn. Each one of these amazing women has their own unique role in making Rachyl’s Goat Milk Soap products. Rachyl handles events and customer interaction, Jaky manages the website and social media, and Lillian works hard at creating the bath and body products you have come to know and love! Also joining in all the girl-power is youngest sister, Meysha, who dabbles in all areas of the business, including making our candles and lip butters. 
When you buy any of our Rachyl’s Goat Milk Soap products you help support us in our goals individually and collectively as a family and business. Lillian’s goal is to be able to employ more women in her life, especially the young moms raising her grandchildren. Jaky has dreams of being self-sustaining on her own farm, relying on Rachyl’s Goat Milk Soap for what she can’t grow herself. Rachyl wants to expand to every state and country in the world to share all she’s learned about Making Natural The New Normal! 
Women reinvest up to 90% of their income in their families and communities (Women Owned). Women-owned businesses are usually more collaborative and add immense value to the community, as well as providing valuable solutions through their products or services based on the unique perspective of being a women. Women who own businesses tend to be strong leaders who enjoy mentoring and empowering their employees. (Women’s Business Center of Utah) When you shop Rachyl’s Goat Milk Soap, you are helping make our dreams come true! 
Do you have a special someone in your life? Give them the gift of Rachyl’s Goat Milk Soap and know that you are not only blessing their skin but also the amazing women in our family! 

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