Love Letter to Leesa

October 22, 2018

Love Letter to Leesa

Brother Kelub is the latest Travis to venture out on his own! He is the proud dad of Eleanore, affectionately nicknamed Ellie, and stepdad to Ava. 

Kelub and Leesa met the way most couples do nowadays: on social media - Instagram to be exact. Despite having born grown up in a small state (and even smaller towns) with many mutual friends, Kelub and Leesa had never crossed paths before!

Once they met in "real life", they were inseparable and began to spend their free time together. Kelub describes this as "falling madly in love" before beginning to officially date and then move in together. In a topsy-turvey order of events, shortly after, they were thrilled to find out they were expecting their first child together; quickly getting engaged with a beautiful ring Kelub selected. On August 4, 2018, they made it official and became Mr. and Mrs. Kelub Travis!

Despite their whirlwind romance, their future plans are pretty traditional: build a house on a small farm and raise their kids. Once the kids are old enough, they are excited to travel the world as a family!

When asked, Kelub said one of the things he loves most about Leesa is "even on our worst days, we always find time to laugh and realize that things will get better". 

Congratulations to Kelub and Leesa! If Kelub is anything like our dad, Leesa, Ava and Ellie will be so blessed to have him leading their family. 

Join us in celebrating the addition of another sister and granddaughter by sharing your well wishes to our beloved brother and his bride! Comment below or on any of our social media profiles!

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