Nubian Love

April 16, 2019

Nubian Love

About a year ago, we posted about our single-breed goat herd and why we chose Nubian goats (you can read about it here). The same fact remains true today: our herd is exclusively Nubian. 
Supporting a business which relies on milk production is much easier when our does (female goats) produce milk nearly all year. We know we can count on their high quality milk to make high quality products for you and your family! Our mom has a dream of making goat cheese and our Nubians would be perfect for this! Their milk is high in butterfat which means yummy, flavorful and creamy cheese...yum!
milking a goat
Having friendly goats is also really important to us with all the kids we have growing up on the farm! It’s important to remember that even domestic goats are unpredictable and you should always pay attention to the farmer. Many people ask us why we don’t allow visitors at the farm or have “open farm” hours. There are several reasons but one is your safety which is very important to us. While we can hop in and out of the pens and handle the goats with ease, it’s taken years of experience. 
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We currently have a bunch of baby goats! We breed our herd at the same time so they generally all deliver their babies within a week of each other, making for lots of false alarms, cancelled plans, and sleepless nights. It’s all worth it to have healthy kids (baby goats) and happy-to-no-longer-be-pregnant mamas. We can’t responsibly keep ALL the babies (as much as we are tempted to) so we do sell some to new homes. Finding responsible buyers is important as goats can be traced back generations and we want to do our best to make sure our lineage thrives. 
Goats require a lot of work and preparation before having one or a herd. Goats are social and need to be around a herd, in fact they are often used as “companion” animals for horses or cows. While we allow our baby goats in the house during dangerous weather conditions, goats are not made to be house pets and need outdoor space and freedom. Like any commitment, having a herd requires sacrifice. This means we never have a day off, no matter what! 
We love our Nubians! ❤️

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