The “American Dream” means something different to everyone.

For our family, it started when our mom, Lillian, became a citizen! Originally from Canada, daughter of a Portuguese diplomat, she came to America with her family and after several years, was officially an American citizen – something she is still excited about to this day!

With that start came her drive to work hard and eventually have a family. Our parents married before she could even drink! They shared the same dream: to raise their children, countless foster children, and watch their grandchildren grow up on the same family farm! Their American Dream came true for them!

Daughters, Jaklyn, Rachyl, and Meysha are now living out their American Dreams as well through Rachyl’s Goat Milk Soap built on the foundation their parents set for them. Working hard together, they are making positive differences in the lives of many new and loyal customers through the trusted, high quality, handcrafted products produced from fresh goat milk hand milked daily.