Shampoo & Conditioner Set

January 14, 2022

Shampoo and Conditioner Set

When you think of soap bars, you probably don’t think of being able to use it on your hair! Before you go grab your favorite bar of Rachyl’s Goat Milk Soap and rub it on your hair, we have a specially formulated Shampoo & Conditioner Set!
This natural alternative to liquid shampoo and conditioner is make without harsh chemicals and additives which can actually exacerbate the cycle of dry scalp and hair, requiring you to buy more product! Our goat milk bars have added moisturizers that are great for your hair and scalp health. Our bars’ key actives, gourmet butters, and specially selected oils will leave your hair shiny and healthy without stripping your natural oils. They also do double-duty for all over skin! Our customers have shared that our Shampoo & Conditioner Set works well with many hair types, particularly wavy and curly.
Packaged in our muslin bags (great to use as-is for all-over exfoliating), how can you tell which bar is which? The Conditioner bar is made by cold-press, so it is lighter colored.
How do you use our Shampoo & Conditioner Set? We recommend that you thoroughly wet your hair and greatly tease your scalp to loosen build-up (try your fingertips not nails, or specially made scalp massager). Then, wet the Shampoo bar and glide it over your scalp in circular motions and down the length of your hair. Rinse well while massaging your scalp and repeat if necessary. Repeat these steps with our Conditioner bar to allow the shea butter to boost your hair’s health. Wrap your hair in a microfiber towel and apply your favorite oils. Style as usual!
Have you tried our Shampoo & Conditioner Set? Let us know how you use it below!

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