Two Years Together...Here's To Forever (9/26/15)

September 26, 2017

Two Years Together...Here's To Forever (9/26/15)

This year marks the second anniversary of Jaky and Derek’s wedding, during which they have celebrated their daughter, Daisy’s, first birthday. Two years ago, Jaky was getting dressed while Derek anxiously awaited her arrival. Surrounded by loving friends and family, they got married in the small church of their hometown and shut down the road with bridal party when crossing the street to the “center of town” – a quaint gazebo, to take pictures.

Jaky and Derek originally went to the same school, but Derek moved away to a neighboring town before they had any classes together. Their moms knew each other from a karate class Derek took with Jaky’s brother. Many years later, it was Derek’s sister, Torey, who reached out to Jaky for goat breeding services. Instantly, they became good friends and Torey thought Derek would like Jaky, too. She didn’t realize that less than two years later he would be marrying her!

Derek proposed to Jaky on Christmas Eve in her barn under the guise of having bought her a new animal. Later that year they were married and threw one of the most epic DIY wedding receptions to date.  The theme was farm to table and purchasing the things they could not grow from local farm, vendors, and businesses. 

Before their first wedding anniversary, Jaky and Derek welcomed their daughter, Daisy. While she may have kept them from going out on their anniversary, she is the best gift they could have asked for!


Happy second wedding anniversary, Jaky and Derek!

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