What's On The Outside Matters, TOO!

June 30, 2021

What's On The Outside Matters, TOO!

You’ve probably heard the saying “what's on the inside is what matters” and we couldn’t agree more – which is why we use simple, wholesome, organic ingredients in our Goat Milk Soap.

However, today we’re talking about what’s on the outside – and that matters, too!

 When Rachyl’s Goat Milk Soap first started, we used plastic baggies with a ribbon to give our soaps as gifts to our friends and family. We quickly learned that this option wasn’t eco-friendly and as we transitioned into a business rather than a hobby, we switched to simple recycled shopping bag paper bands to package our soap bars. This was a better eco-friendly option, but didn’t protect our bars. Next, we used recycled feed bags with a band which was eco-friendly and protected the bars, but was time consuming and made the scents hard to smell.  For the next few years, we continued to use the recycled feed bags for fundraisers, favors, and personalized gifts and the multi-purpose muslin bags hand stamped with an inserted business card that you’ve come to recognize at farmers’ markets and many local retailers. However, after more research, we have decided that 2017 was the year of new packaging!

We use our muslin bags for seasonal scented bars, shower favors, and fundraising. We were excited to announce that our top 10 sellers would be packaged in boxes made in the USA!  Boxes are better for the environment as they reuse paper waste that would have otherwise been dumped in a landfill (or worse – littered) and can be recycled again (hint, hint: please recycle!). The boxes provide a more secure barrier between our soap and the outside world from the time each bar is hand crafted and packaged on our family farm until it reaches your home. This ensures that our soap stays pure and free from any exterior contaminants and that you can easily spot any damage to the box. On top of the health practicality of recycled box packaging, this new looks goes with our simplified scents.

Speaking of scents, we had chosen our top 10 scents and renamed them based on input from you, our valued customers. Here are the scents with their new names!

Somewhere on a Beach(Coconut)

That 70s Soap (Patchouli)

Olde Tyme Remedy (Tea Tree)

Heart & Hive (Oatmeal, Milk & Honey)

Kinda Nutty (Almond)

Way Out Here (Country Cowboy)

Plain Ole Bar (Unscented)

Cool Beans (Vanilla)

Almost Summer (Cucumber Melon)

Field of Dreams (Lavender)


Let us know, are you excited about the new packaging? What’s your favorite scent?

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