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Meet the Family

Our parents David and Lillian have been married since 1988. Now parents of eight children with four grandchildren and counting, they are living out their dream of owning a sustainable farm and watching the next generations live, work and play on it. In addition to setting a loving and godly example for us as spouses and parents, they are also actively involved in fostering children and giving back to the community. 

Oldest sibling Mical followed closely in our dad’s footsteps and credits him with everything he knows how to do. Mical owns M. Travis Construction and is married to Crystal. Together they have two dogs, Xena and Titan, and plans to travel the country and start their own family. 

From her 8th birthday when our dad fulfilled her wish of a real Shetland pony named Lady, Jaky has been devoted to farming. Now married to Derek Randall, mom to Daisy and Dawson, and a proud homeowner of her own little farm, she continues to oversee both Travis Family Farm and Rachyl’s Goat Milk Soap with her faithful dogs Whiskey and Brandy by her side. 

Jekub is following both Mical and our dad with his career choice of construction, frequently working alongside both of them. 

Kelub also joined the family construction business. He enjoys playing the guitar and spending time with his wife, Leesa, and daughters Ava and Ellie. His loyal fur family member is a Chocolate Lab appropriately named Hershe. 

Noah is currently in college studying __. He’s known for his handcrafting of our soap decks as well as being the brains behind several of our soaps, such as the odor-busting Fisherman’s Bar

Rachyl is the goat girl who started it all and the teenaged owner of Rachyl’s Goat Milk Soap. Balancing being homeschooled (she plans to go to college for a business degree) and running her own business keeps her busy! Click here to learn more about how Rachyl’s birthday present began her flourishing business. 

Currently homeschooled, Izek has an interest in IT. He enjoys playing video games when he’s not doing chores on the farm. 

Meysha may be the youngest but she is already following quickly behind sisters Jaky and Rachyl with entrepreneur plans of her own. Perhaps best known for her striking red hair and sassy personality, Meysha can be found on the farm or at farmers’ markets when she isn’t in school.