Say hello to our friends! 

We got our first Nubian dairy goats in 2009 when Jaklyn thought it would be the perfect gift for Rachyl's 7th birthday present. She was right! Those first goats, butterscotch and Juno fostered a great love for these intelligent and funny creatures. 

Reasons to LOVE Nubians:

  • have longer breeding season than other dairy goats
  • "Roman" noses and floppy pendulous ears
  • huge personalities
  • lots of colors and spots
  • milk through hot summers and cold winters
  • milk is high in butterfat - lots of flavor
  • milk production is incredible

The number of goats we have here on our farm can vary at anytime as some get sold and lots get born. We strive to keep the number small and maintain a select productive herd on our 3 acres. 

Herd health and management is our top priority. Our girls get the best vet care and our spoiled with the very best hay we can find, 16% dairy ration, loose minerals, sodium bicarbonate, and supplements/worming when needed.